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It has been a great 3 months while my site has been up and active. But I must shut down the wap site due to emails from gameloft and other various companies about the game content on my site. It was not my intention to illegally distribute these files, but the past is done and the future is beyond us. Just deleting those files was just a spark for me to shut it down. Bandwith costs have gone to the upwards of $50 extra a month, something I cannot cover with my current status.

There are many great wap sites out there, use them before they, too, are shut down.

Here is the email from gameloft forwarded to me from my host:

Our Content Protection Team has reported that you are hosting a web site:
http://wap.ranova.org/midlets.wml which offers copies of Gameloft's games
entitled "Prince Of Persia", "Rayman 3", "Skate & Slam", "Speed Devils",
"XIII", "Siberian Strike", "Splinter Cell", "Marcel Desailly", "Prince Of
Persia SOT", "Splinter Cell 2" for mobile phones, on the following links:

Gameloft's games on such web site. The making of unauthorized copies is a
violation of Gameloft rights under French laws and International Treaties.

You have participated in the violation of law, or, at best, you have been
negligent in preventing others from offering unauthorized copies of
Gameloft's games on the internet. You are potentially liable for damages
that Gameloft may suffer as a result of this violation of law. Damages could
be significant, given the wide distribution of pirate copies over the

We hereby formally request that you immediately remove or ask to remove
Gameloft's games from the web sites: http://wap.ranova.org/midlets.wml and
confirm the same by email.

This letter constitutes notice to you that your actions are illegal and may
subject you to criminal prosecution and civil liability. We will be
monitoring your web site to see if you are in compliance with the law and
reserve the right to take all steps necessary to protect Gameloft's rights.

Thanks again for everyone's support, it has been a great ride!
Andrew "ranova" Nguyen